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Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery

Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery is established at Istanbul, Nişantaşı in year 2000. Gallery’s founding director Çağla Cabaoğlu, who is a graduate of METU Faculty of Architecture, is at the same time a second generation gallerist carrying forward the accumulation inherited and assumed from her family.

Ever since its opening, the gallery has organized more than 100 exhibitions with more than 150 artists. As well as inaugurating exhibitions of artists that have assumed positions in the art history of Turkey, the gallery has also organized the first exhibitions of artists at their early career-stage, and formed the career planning of several artists who are at present known and recognized in the field of visual arts.

In order to enhance the visibility and recognition of the works of art and add value to such works, supported its activities with publications, and generated new possibilities for the collectors and researchers through documentation and archive activities.

Acting in the strategy of representing contemporary visual culture, Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery, while cooperating with the curators preferred artists working with diverse media and causing competent works from each and every discipline of this domain like sculpture, painting, photography, installation, video.

The Gallery is playing a determining and effective role in institutional projects upon undertaking art advisory mission besides artist management. Further to the foregoing, by means of teams brought together assuming positions at both national as well as international platforms upon generating projects. To this effect, in the meantime participated in tradeshows and exhibitions at Shanghai, Beijing, London, Miami and New York.

In year 2010, under the concept of “Tree of Life”, it was exhibited 120 works of 17 artists in Shanghai Contemporary Tradeshow organized in China, and 20,000 sets of the publication titled “Arttack” prepared in Chinese-English-Turkish and introducing contemporary Turkish artists were distributed in China and the Middle East. This operation enabled special opening of Turkish Contemporary Art sections at NAMOC (National Art Museum of China) and Taiwan National Art Park Museum and that 23 works in total are included in the collection of both museums.

Multidisciplinary works inspired by the city, departing from Istanbul’s cultural layers, in the exhibitions organized for Scope Miami Art Show in December 2016 where 135 galleries from 77 towns under the concept of “Istanbul’s Cabinet of Curiosities” a large-sized mural collage installation comprising of the works of 42 Turkish artists was exhibited.

Project of the same concept was included in Scope New York in March 2017 upon constituting the same this time from the works of 32 artists.

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